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Ah, the oil market rollercoaster never fails to amaze! Crude oil prices brushed off yesterday’s blues and decided it’s time to play the comeback game. With all eyes on the latest readings of U.S. crude supplies, it’s like awaiting the climax of a thrilling drama.

By the time the clock struck 08:55 ET (12.55 GMT), U.S. crude futures were strutting their stuff, 0.2% higher at a cool $74.23 a barrel, while the suave Brent contract joined the party with a 0.1% climb, showing off at $78.59.

But wait, the plot thickens! The big buzz today revolves around the weekly U.S. inventory data, eagerly anticipated from the industry bigwigs at the American Petroleum Institute. And if that’s not enough suspense, the Energy Information Administration plans to drop their official numbers tomorrow, making sure we stay on the edge of our seats.

Rumors have it that last week’s crude oil stockpiles and product inventories might have taken a dip, ready to flip the script after that unexpected build that had everyone gasping last time. Brace yourselves for inventory drama, folks! The oil market is here to dazzle, intrigue, and keep us all hooked!

Bank of America, Pinterest, Chipotle rise premarket; Morgan Stanley falls

U.S. futures edged lower Tuesday, with investors digesting a deluge of corporate earnings ahead of the release of retail sales and industrial production data.

Here are some of the biggest premarket U.S. stock movers today:

  • Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) stock rose 0.5% after the lending giant reported a rise in second quarter profit as it earned more from customers’ loan payments, while its trading arm fared better than expected.
  • Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) stock fell 0.3% after the banking giant’s profit slipped 18% in the second quarter as Wall Street’s deal-making drought stunted revenue from investment banking.
  • Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) stock fell 1% after Evercore ISI downgraded its stance on the e-commerce company to ‘in line’ from ‘outperform’, saying the risk-reward outlook on the stock is now less compelling.
  • Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) stock rose 3.5% after Evercore ISI upgraded its stance on the image-sharing company to ‘outperform‘ from ‘in line’, citing evidence of stabilizing digital ad spend and potential for recovery.
  • Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) stock rose 0.2% after the drugmaker and venture capital firm Flagship Pioneering agreed to invest $100 million to discover and develop 10 new potential drugs.
  • Chipotle (NYSE:CMG) stock rose 1.3% after the fast food chain signed a deal with Kuwait-based Alshaya Group, its first-ever franchise partner, to open locations in the Middle East next year.
  • Novartis (NYSE:NVS) ADRs rose 2.6% after the Swiss drugmaker raised its full-year profit and revenue outlook following solid second quarter sales, and proposed a timeline for the spin-off of its Sandoz generic medicines unit.
  • Masimo (NASDAQ:MASI) stock fell 28.1% after the medical device maker reported weaker-than-expected second quarter sales due to a weak performance at its healthcare segment.(Source:

Some of the biggest movers:

Teladoc’s stock took a rocket ride to the moon after joining forces with the AI juggernaut Microsoft (and we all know they’re practically ruling the world) to tackle the healthcare workforce crisis. With AI as their trusty sidekick, they’re on a mission to zap away the pesky administrative hassles in virtual and in-patient care. It’s like a superhero duo fighting the evil paperwork villains!

The deal is so grand that it involves an epic integration of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cognitive Services, and the fancy-sounding Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience right into Teladoc Health’s Solo platform. It’s like a magical potion that will revolutionize the way doctors document stuff, all with the help of AI wizardry.

Dr. Vidya Raman-Tangella, the brilliant mind at Teladoc Health, put it perfectly, “Administrative burden and staff shortages are major reasons why clinicians are leaving the profession. We are focused on using AI to reassert and build the doctor-patient relationship at a time when technology frequently does the opposite.”

Well, it seems like a win-win situation – doctors get to be the heroes they were meant to be, patients receive top-notch care, and investors can cheer on the sidelines as the stock flies high! Let the AI-powered healthcare revolution begin! 🚀

Regenerate response

Stock Analysis

Capital Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:CBNK) is the big boss of a bank serving the folks and businesses of the D.C. area with all kinds of money services. They have two lending brands, a mortgage division, and their own credit card division that operates across the country. This financial powerhouse has grown like a beanstalk for the past seven years and now, their assets are worth over a billion dollars!

How do they stack up against their competition, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, Capital Bancorp is outshining other banks left and right. They’ve got a high per-share earnings ratio that means more profits for their stockholders. They’re working their equity like Beyoncé works a stage, showing off savvy financial moves. Plus, they’re bringing in more dough than their competitors, proving they know how to bank hard.

Oh, and by the way, they’re a better investment than Peoples Financial Services Corp. because their price-to-earnings ratio is lower. Boom!

Smart investing is like being the suavest spy in the financial world – cool, calculated, and always one step ahead of the game. It’s the art of reading the stock market’s secret code and knowing when to sneak in and out with your fortunes intact. While others panic like they’ve stumbled into a spy thriller, you remain unshaken, making daring moves with a confident smile.

It’s a game of wit and wisdom, where your portfolio becomes your secret weapon, and diversification is your clever disguise. So, let the amateurs chase quick gains like they’re on a wild goose chase, while you, the savvy investor, blend in with the shadows, mastering the art of the profitable plot twist. Remember, in the world of smart investing, the stakes are high, but the rewards are even higher – the ultimate mission of building wealth awaits!