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BayCom Corp (Nasdaq:BCML) is a reputable bank holding company that owns United Business Bank, a trusted provider of financial services to small and mid-sized businesses, service professionals, and individuals. The company has established a strong presence in the financial industry, with a network of 34 branches strategically located in four different states. As of the latest financial report, the company holds approximately USD 2.5 billion in assets on its books.

Comps: Primis Financial Corp. (Nasdaq:FRST), First Bank (Nasdaq:FRBA)

When comparing to other banks, BayCom Corp distinguishes itself from other banks in several significant ways. Firstly, the company has achieved a higher earnings per share and quarterly revenue growth year-over-year, signaling its potential for continued growth. Additionally, BayCom Corp outperformed Primis Financial Corp in key financial metrics such as price-to-earnings ratio, use of equity, and net income. Taken together, these factors demonstrate BayCom Corp’s strong financial performance and position in the banking industry.