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Utah Medical Products, Inc. (Nasdaq:UTMD), as you might have predicted, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide breadth of medical devices for the healthcare industry. While they are a leader in Femcare products, they also provide products for critical care, gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, and urology. Recently, they have made a concerted effort to focus on earnings per share growth and shareholder return.

Comps: OraSure Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:OSUR), Meihua International Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq:MHUA)

In comparison to these two other medical device companies, Utah Medical Products has the advantage when it comes to earnings per share, price to earnings, debt ratios, profit margins, and net income. Moreover, their return on equity is higher than OraSure Technologies. Overall, they have shown significantly stronger statistics relative to their competition allowing them to have a net profit margin of over 30%.