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U.S. Stock Futures Slip Ahead of Fed Meeting Conclusion; Nvidia’s Volatility Continues

U.S. stock index futures experienced a slight retreat on Wednesday, relinquishing some of the tech-driven gains from the previous session, as attention shifted towards the conclusion of the Federal Reserve meeting scheduled for later in the day.

As of 06:35 ET (10:35 GMT), the Dow Jones Futures contract was down by 35 points, or 0.1%, while S&P 500 Futures traded 2 points, or 0.1%, lower, and Nasdaq 100 Futures traded marginally lower.

Tuesday witnessed the main Wall Street indices closing higher, fueled by renewed optimism in artificial intelligence following Nvidia’s unveiling of pricing and shipment details for its new line of AI chips, which served as a significant driver of gains.

The S&P 500 achieved a record closing high with a 0.6% increase, while the NASDAQ Composite rose by 0.4%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average concluded with a gain of 0.8%, marking its best performance since February 22.

However, a sense of caution emerged with the Federal Reserve set to conclude its two-day meeting later in the session.

While the market broadly anticipates the central bank to maintain interest rates at current levels, investors eagerly await the bank’s statement on monetary policy, as well as Chair Jerome Powell’s post-meeting press conference, for any indications regarding potential interest rate adjustments.

The fear of more aggressive inflation, fueled by hotter-than-expected inflation figures for January and February, has raised concerns that the Fed might revise its outlook for rate cuts in 2024, particularly given its emphasis on inflation dictating any shifts in monetary policy.

Persistent inflation, coupled with recent signs of resilience in the U.S. economy, affords the Fed greater flexibility to sustain higher interest rates for an extended period.

In corporate developments, Nvidia experienced a slight decline in premarket trading, amidst doubts surrounding its ability to fulfill its AI-driven objectives, despite disclosing pricing and shipment plans for its eagerly awaited Blackwell B200 chip.

The stock, which witnessed a remarkable over 200% increase in valuation throughout 2023, became susceptible to profit-taking, especially as market sentiment turned cautious ahead of the Fed meeting.

Additionally, Intel saw its stock rise by over 4% following the Biden administration’s announcement of awarding the company nearly $20 billion in grants and loans to bolster the nation’s chip output.

Tesla’s stock registered a nearly 1% increase after the electric vehicle manufacturer confirmed its intention to raise the price of China-produced Model Y vehicles effective April 1, indicating robust demand in this critical market.

Investors will also digest quarterly earnings reports from semiconductor giant Micron Technology and food processing leader General Mills.

Ahead of the latest Fed policy announcement, oil prices experienced a slight decline on Wednesday, stepping back from four-month highs.

By 06:35 ET, U.S. crude futures traded 0.8% lower at $82.07 a barrel, while the Brent contract dropped 0.8% to $86.72 per barrel.

Although both benchmarks recently reached their highest levels since late October due to ongoing signs of tight supplies, profit-taking ensued due to a stronger dollar, which renders oil more expensive for investors holding alternative currencies.

Data from the American Petroleum Institute indicated a 1.5 million barrel decrease in U.S. crude inventories for the week ending March 22, a surprising contrast to expectations for a minor increase. This reading could potentially signify a second consecutive week of inventory drawdowns in the U.S., subject to confirmation by the official data from the Energy Information Administration later on Wednesday.

Himalaya Technologies CEO Vikram P. Grover Bolsters Investment with $25,000 Stock Purchases

Himalaya Technologies, Inc. CEO Vikram P. Grover has been actively bolstering his investment in the company, with recent stock purchases totaling over $25,000. These acquisitions, involving the company’s common stock, occurred at prices ranging from $0.0008 to $0.0017 per share.

Grover, who serves as CEO, CFO, and Secretary of Himalaya Technologies, has demonstrated consistent interest in increasing his stake in the company over several weeks. The series of purchases commenced with a notable acquisition of 2,500,000 common shares at $0.001 each, followed by another significant purchase of 3,180,000 shares at the same price the following day. Subsequent transactions included multiple instances of purchasing one million shares at $0.001 per share.

Additionally, Grover made purchases at slightly higher prices, acquiring 1,000,000 shares at $0.0017, 500,000 shares at $0.0013, among other transactions within the specified price range. These acquisitions reflect a range of price points, generally low, indicating a perceived opportunity for value investment by the CEO.

In total, Grover’s acquisitions during this period represent a substantial addition to his holdings in Himalaya Technologies. Such investment patterns by key executives often draw investor attention, as they may signal insider confidence in the company’s future prospects.

Himalaya Technologies, previously known as Homeland Resources Ltd., operates within the energy sector, with a standard industrial classification in crude petroleum and natural gas. Investors and market observers frequently scrutinize such filings for insights into executive sentiment and company performance. Grover’s recent activity suggests a positive outlook, at least from within the company’s leadership, regarding its trajectory and potential.

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