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2023 Starts with Agreement To Acquire Severance Trucking

JUPITER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2023 / Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK:TLSS), (“TLSS” or the “Company”), a logistics service provider, is pleased to issue the following update to its stakeholders from its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sebastian Giordano.

Dear Valued Stockholders, Investors and Interested Third-Parties


From the Board of Directors and Management of TLSS, we extend to each of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Fresh off a foundation building year in 2022 that saw the:

  1. expansion of our Board of Directors and corporate governance;
  2. enhancement of our executive management team in finance, operations and human resources;
  3. acquisition of JFK Cartage and consolidation with Cougar Express in New York;
  4. acquisition of Freight Connections (“FC”) based in New Jersey;
  5. commencement of various integration initiatives; and
  6. negotiation of two additional acquisition opportunities,

We now enter 2023 with the “out-of-the-gate” announcement of the execution of a stock purchase agreement for the acquisition of Severance Trucking Company, Inc., a 120-year old LTL trucking business with locations in Dragut, Massachusetts and North Haven, Connecticut (“Severance”). The closing date is scheduled for January 31, 2023, subject to the completion of various conditions. On a purely acquired basis, the Severance transaction is expected to increase our annualized revenues to approximately $30 million.

The September 2022 acquisition of FC was an important turning point and a key catalyst for our future growth and expansion that then made Severance an ideal opportunity and fit for our business. Prior to the acquisition of FC, the Company’s early 2022 operations were primarily broker driven (Cougar and JFK) and single source (Shyp FX), as a Federal Express provider with limited growth opportunities. As such, the decision to sell the Shyp FX business was an easy one, as it did not align with our long-term vision for the Company.

Since its inception in 2016, FC’s business model was structured to be nimble and adaptable to changing transportation and logistics market conditions. Having the ability, infrastructure and industry relationships to offer a broad array of services, FC has steadily achieved double-digit growth each year, while simultaneously shifting, as needed, and expanding, where appropriate, its sources of revenue, in response to where the most profitable opportunities existed. This approach is an integral component of how we intend to organically grow our business and leverage the companies we acquire. In fact, after the initial consolidation and integration of the Cougar/JFK operations, we are already in the process of transitioning from our primarily broker-driven Cougar/JFK revenue model, to newer and higher margin revenue opportunities, in part through coordination with FC, as well as long-standing industry relationships being pursued by our senior operating executives. In Q4, we launched an aggressive campaign to develop our own pipeline of new customers, especially as it relates to Cougar/JFK. As a result, a number of these have already commenced in the new year, and our expectation is that these organic efforts will continue to grow.

Likewise, we believe that the Severance acquisition provides us with another excellent opportunity for organic growth. First and foremost, the deal establishes us as a regional carrier in the Northeast US, up through New England and Canada. While Severance has been predominantly an LTL carrier, we intend to expand Severance’s services in its region with FC capabilities. This should enable us to extend the reach for both our existing customers and Severance customers, while opening up the opportunity to target larger customers given our expanded geographic footprint. Of further significance is the fact there is virtually no customer overlap, so Severance provides an entirely new customer base for us.

Integration Initiatives

Upon acquiring two companies and adding three new members to our management team at the end of Q3 and the beginning of Q4 2022, we commenced the implementation of several integration and cost savings initiatives.

Most notably, a substantial reorganization of our Cougar/JFK operation, resulting in:

  1. a $400,000 decrease in annual rent;
  2. more than a 41.5% reduction in payroll costs; and
  3. dramatic improvement in gross profit margins, as reported in our last Form 10-Q.

Other overall changes completed, or underway, include:

  1. implementing our new NetSuite platform to simplify and upgrade our internal accounting and reporting capabilities;
  2. establishing uniform operating procedures;
  3. consolidating three payroll services into one;
  4. eliminating duplicative third-party support services;
  5. undertaking a complete assessment of our insurance program through a new relationship with a nationwide broker that has extensive expertise in the transportation industry;
  6. creating consistency in and implementing new personnel and human resource policies and procedures; and
  7. conducting an evaluation of all employee benefit plans to create uniformity in such programs.

As the above will continue to flush out and lead to further cost savings and efficiencies, we plan the continuation of additional operational integration initiatives in 2023, including uniformity and deployment of operational technologies, including, but not limited to, the extension of the following enhancements into all operations:

  1. warehouse system;
  2. in-vehicle driver safety;
  3. fleet management system;
  4. real-time point-of-delivery capabilities; and
  5. common operating system (currently three different systems).

Moreover, the Severance transaction will give us a substantial vehicle repair and maintenance facility that will enable us to, not only service, but to refurbish existing vehicles in-house, thus extending their useful life, something that Severance has successfully implemented in recent years, thus significantly reducing the capital outlay for vehicles and reducing overall vehicle replenishment costs.

In the interim, we continue to pursue and evaluate additional acquisition targets and believe such discussions will lead to further growth and expansion in 2023.

Concluding Thoughts

The Board and management fully expect to meet our 2023 goals and will continue to report on the Company’s progress, if/when deals are formalized and we extend our sincere appreciation to all of our shareholders and look forward to your continued support.

Respectfully yours,

Sebastian Giordano
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

About Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc.

TLSS, through its wholly owned operating subsidiaries, Cougar Express, Inc., Freight Connections, Inc. and JFK Cartage, Inc., operates as a full-service logistics and transportation company.

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