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Titan Medical Inc. (OTCMKTS:TMDIF) is a medical device company focused on developing robotic surgical technologies that enable surgeons to perform procedures in a more precise and minimally invasive manner. Its robotic surgical system is designed to provide surgeons with greater control and dexterity, while also offering enhanced visualization and improved patient outcomes. The company aims to revolutionize the surgical industry by providing innovative and cutting-edge technology that can transform the way surgical procedures are performed.

Comps: Sharps Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:STSS), Venus Concept Inc. (Nasdaq:VERO)

Relative to other medical device companies, Titan Medical shows better earnings per share. Moreover, its revenue is also greater than that of Sharps Technology. In addition, its debt-to-equity ratio is significantly more favorable than Venus Concepts’. While all three of these companies generated negative earnings, Titan medical performs better in a few key categories.