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The Eastern Company (Nasdaq:EML) is a vertically integrated manufacturer of engineered solutions for the industrial market. They have three subsidiaries whose product line consists of custom and standard vehicular and industrial hardware, including turnkey returnable packaging solutions, access and security hardware, mirrors, and mirror-cameras. As they stand, they work with manufacturers, OEMs, as well as offer aftermarket solutions, providing a wide offer base.

Comps: Core Molding Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:CMT), Broadwind, Inc. (BWEN)

In relation to these other two manufacturers, The Eastern Company has significantly better earnings per share, price to earnings, profit margin, return on equity, and net income. Moreover, they beat Broadwind in debt to equity, revenue, and revenue growth year-over-year. Overall, investors earn more per dollar invested by a significant multiple and benefit from a 2% on top of that.