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Tecnoglass Inc. (NYSE:TGLS) is a leading producer of architectural glass, windows, and associated aluminum products for the commercial and residential construction industries. Tecnoglass operates with an emphasis on quality, safety, and insulative performance. Consequently, these emphases have helped them become the largest glass fabricator in Latin America and the second-largest fabricator serving the United States. 

Comps: PGT Innovations, Inc. (NYSE:PGTI), Masonite International Corporation (NYSE:DOOR)

Notably, all 3 of these manufacturers are worth over USD 1 billion in market capitalization. If we compare Tecnoglass to both, they exhibit a lighter debt-to-equity ratio, higher profitability, return on equity, and quarterly revenue growth year-over-year. Additionally, Tecnoglass posted significantly higher earnings per share than PGT Innovations.