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Tech Titans Illuminate Futures Market in Thursdays Evening Rally, Defying Inflation Fears

In the whirlwind world of U.S. stock index futures, Thursday’s evening deals were like a tech-fueled fireworks display, lighting up the sky with the brilliance of Microsoft and Alphabet’s earnings.

While inflation and interest rate worries lingered like stubborn party crashers, the stellar earnings report set the stage for a tech extravaganza, with Nasdaq 100 Futures stealing the spotlight and rising 1.2%.

Meanwhile, S&P 500 Futures joined the party with a respectable 0.8% bump, while Dow Jones Futures played it cool with a modest 0.1% uptick.

Alphabet soared to record heights, its Class A shares dancing in after-hours delight, while Microsoft flexed its muscles with a 4.6% surge, both fueled by the insatiable appetite for AI. Even the tech sector, buzzing like a hive of innovation, felt the positive vibes, with NVIDIA adding its own flavor to the mix, and Meta Platforms catching a breath after a rollercoaster session. It’s a wild ride, folks, but in the world of investing, the thrill is half the fun!

Gateway Pundit files for bankruptcy

The Gateway Pundit, a remarkable entry in the far-right media universe, has sought Chapter 11 protection. This move came after facing litigation over false claims regarding the 2020 U.S. election, leading to harassment of election workers. Founder Jim Hoft attributed the bankruptcy to what he described as progressive liberal lawfare attacks aimed at stifling his company, asserting that it is a strategy for reorganization amidst legal challenges from multiple fronts.

Despite the bankruptcy filing, Gateway Pundit plans to persist in publishing. The company estimated its assets between $500,000 and $1 million. This development reflects a trend where prominent figures in right-wing circles, such as Rudy Giuliani and Alex Jones, have faced bankruptcy following substantial defamation judgments. The site’s coverage had helped amplify Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, leading to increased audience reach but also sparking lawsuits and significant financial repercussions

Investing on a Friday is like trying to start a diet at a buffet—it’s a bold move that might yield tempting results, but you could end up feeling a bit overstuffed by the weekend. It’s akin to diving into the stock market just before the weekend kicks off, where the only thing guaranteed is uncertainty. But hey, if you’re feeling lucky and want to spice up your weekend with a dash of financial thrill, Friday investing might just be your ticket to a rollercoaster ride with your portfolio as the main attraction. Just make sure you’re ready to buckle up and enjoy the wild ride!