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SWK Holdings Corporation (Nasdaq:SWKH) is a specialized financing company that provides capital solutions to a wide range of life science companies, institutions and inventors. They can provide capital through their own balance sheet and through investment advisory clients giving partners more flexibility. In addition, they are building their own wholly-owned portfolio for royalties and out-licensing.

Comps: Grupo Supervielle S.A. (NYSE:SUPV), Greenhill & Co., Inc. (NYSE:GHL)

If we compare SWK Holdings Corporation to these two companies, we must point out that they share a similar market capitalization with Grupo Supervielle, while Greenhill & Co. holds one that is twice the value. Now moving to key metrics, SWK Holdings Corporation beats both in terms of earnings per share, profit margins, and quarterly revenue growth year-over-year. Additionally, they have a significantly better price relative to their earnings compared to Greenhill & Co.