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South Plains Financial, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPFI) is a bank holding company that provides banking and financial services to businesses and individuals in Texas and New Mexico through its subsidiary, City Bank. With close to USD 4 billion in total assets, the company distinguishes itself through its personalized approach to banking and strong relationships with its customers.

Comps: Bank of Marin Bancorp (Nasdaq:BMRC), Bank of Marin Bancorp (Nasdaq:BMRC)

When compared to other banks, this bank’s value proposition is demonstrated through its earnings per share of 3.2 and a low price-to-earnings ratio of 7, indicating that it may be undervalued. Additionally, despite having lower profit margins compared to its peers, it generates greater revenue and net income. While the yield may not be impressive, the bank’s strong earnings metrics suggest that it could be a fruitful investment option.