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Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMSI) develops software that enhances the mobile experience for customers and service providers with an emphasis on scalable applications. They have a SafePath segments designed to protect connected devices and help families manage devices in or out of the home. Earlier this year, they entered into a contract with a Tier 1 mobile network operator to provide this software. Additionally, they also have a messaging platform that helps mobile service providers deliver a next-generation voicemail experience to subscribers as well as a retail display management platform for carriers and retailers. 

Comps: MiX Telematics Limited (NYSE:MIXT), Backblaze, Inc. (Nasdaq:BLZE)

In comparison to these other two software companies, Smith Micro Software has lighter debt in relation to equity. Moreover, they have a higher earnings per share, profit margin, and return on equity than Backblaze. While they did have negative earnings over in their last reported fiscal year, they still sit in a better position especially with their new contract in January.