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As with most industries, speed is paramount, and even more so in the transfer of data. Silicom Ltd. (Nasdaq:SILC) is an industry-leading provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions used by major cloud players, service providers, and telcom enterprises. They have various silicon-based technologies designed to improve performance in cloud and data center environments. These technologies help servers and networking devices to increase throughput and decrease latency, allowing more data to flow through more quickly. 

Comps: Radware Ltd. (Nasdaq:RDWR), SkyWater Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:SKYT)

In comparing these companies, it is important to note that Silicom is around USD 300 million in market capitalization, SkyWater Technology sitting at more than USD 350 million, and Radware at more than USD 900 million. Despite this spread in market capitalization, Silicom showed better core metrics across the board than either of these two firms; even their earnings grew more year over year.