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RBB Bancorp (Nasdaq:RBB) the bank holding company for Royal Business Bank that provides various banking products and services to the Chinese-American, Korean-American, and other Asian-American communities. With 20 branches and $3.9 billion in total assets, RBB Bancorp offers a wide range of banking products and services to its customers. The company’s focus on niche markets and personalized service has helped it establish a strong presence in these communities.

Comps: Macatawa Bank Corporation (Nasdaq:MCBC), CapStar Financial Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:CSTR)

When comparing to other niche banks, RBB Bancorp outperforms in most key metrics. To enumerate, its earnings per share of 3.3 and price-to-earnings of 4.8 indicate tremendous value inherently in the stock. Moreover, its profit margin, return-on-equity, revenue, net income, and 4% yield solidify the opportunity for investors relative to its competition.