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Pure Cycle Corporation (Nasdaq:PCYO) designs, constructs, operates, and maintains water and wastewater systems in the Denver metropolitan area. In addition, they are a diversified land and water resource development company. They possess a valuable portfolio of land and water rights in a fast-growing and water-scarce region.

Comps: Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq:CWCO), Global Water Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq:GWRS)

We should point out that relative to each other, Pure Cycle Corporation and Consolidated Water Co. are nearly identical in market capitalization. On the other hand, Global Water Resources holds a market capitalization of USD 340 million, which is more than USD 100 million more than either Pure Cycle Corporation or Consolidated Water Co. When looking at key metrics, Pure Cycle Corporation has higher profit margins than both. Additionally, they have higher earnings per share, price to earnings, and debt to equity compared to Global Water Resources.