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Pro-Dex, Inc. (Nasdaq:PDEX) is a fully integrated producer of products sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Chiefly, they offer powered surgical technologies needed in the medical and dental industry, but they also operate in other industries including aerospace, industrial & commercial, oil & gas, security & defense, and communications. Despite this being their bread and butter, they have expanded areas of operation into other disciplines like mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics and software, quality and compliance, and contract manufacturing as well as engineering consulting.

Comps: Retractable Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:RVP), IceCure Medical Ltd (Nasdaq:ICCM)

In comparison, Pro-Dex showed better earnings per share and revenue growth than Retractable Technologies and IceCure Medical. Moreover, they hold higher profit margins, returns on equity, and revenues than IceCure Medical. With those competitive values in mind and the fact that they are thinly traded, Pro-Dex definitely presents growth potential.