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Even when it comes to large manufacturers, these producers do not want to overextend their operations, so, as with many other sectors, they outsource. Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. (Nasdaq:PKOH) offer strategic services and products to manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Asia allowing them to streamline their processes and focus on their core competencies. They are an industrial supply chain logistics and diversified manufacturing business operating in supply chain management outsourcing service, capital equipment, and manufactured components. Overall, their revenues exceed USD 1.6 billion with their consumer base being companies in the Global 2000.

Comps: Omega Flex, Inc. (Nasdaq:OFLX), Gencor Industries, Inc. (NYSE:GENC)

While Gencor and Park-Ohio have similar market capitalizations, Omega Flex is worth more than 4 times their value. Despite the relative market capitalizations, Park-Ohio clears USD 1.6 billion in revenue as opposed to these two companies, which sit around USD 100 million in revenue. In addition, Park-Ohio showed a much higher percentage of revenue growth year over year than both.