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In a world of increasing Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, companies need high-performance appliances to achieve their AI’s full potential. One Stop Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: OSS) designs, manufactures and markets high-performance computing modules and systems used in these high-throughput applications. Their products are primarily implemented in the defense, autonomous vehicles, industrial, instrumentation, media & entertainment, and aerospace industries. All in all, they produce technologies that can be integrated into AI platforms to allow for maximum output. 

Comps: Pure Storage, Inc. (NYSE: PSTG), Quantum Corporation (Nasdaq: QMCO)

If we look side by side, Pure Storage is valued at over USD 8 billion and Quantum Corporation is nearly USD 130 million, while One Stop Systems currently holds a market cap of USD 60 million. Despite the difference in value, One Stop Systems owns a lower price to earnings than either one. In relation to Quantum Corporation, they earned more per share, and showed higher profitability, return on equity, and revenue growth. Similarly, One Stop Systems also had a more favorable debt ratio than Pure Storage.