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U.S. Stock Futures Doze Off as Wall Street Plays the Waiting Game
In the calm before the payrolls storm, U.S. stock index futures barely budged during Thursday evening trading. Investors were on edge, awaiting crucial job data that could sway interest rate decisions.
But one stock couldn’t resist the spotlight: GameStop Corp (NYSE ). This meme stock superstar kept climbing in after-hours trading, fueled by news that influencer Keith Gill, a.k.a. “RoaringKitty,” will be back on a livestream this Friday.
Despite the subdued mood, Wall Street indexes hovered near record highs this week. Investors were cheered by weak economic reports, which stoked hopes that the Federal Reserve might soon slash interest rates.
Futures: Standing Still with a Smirk
S&P 500 Futures stayed put at 5,364.0 points, while Nasdaq 100 Futures inched up 0.1% to 19,076.25 points by 19:06 ET (23:06 GMT). Dow Jones Futures remained as flat as a pancake at 38,970.0 points.
Nonfarm Payrolls: The Grand Finale of a Lackluster Week
Friday’s nonfarm payrolls data is expected to show modest job growth in May, highlighting the labor market’s resilience. Yet, other readings this week painted a cooling picture: job openings fell, and ADP employment numbers were a letdown.
The labor market, alongside inflation, is a key piece in the Fed’s interest rate puzzle. With weak data piling up, investors are betting the Fed will start cutting rates in September. Next week’s Fed meeting is anticipated to keep rates steady, but the suspense is palpable.
Wall Street: Close to Cloud Nine
Thursday saw Wall Street indexes end on a ho-hum note, with some investors cashing in gains from NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ ) and holding their breath for more rate clues. The S&P 500 settled at 5,352.96 points, while the NASDAQ Composite dipped 0.1% to 17,170.64 points. Both indexes are up 1.4% and 2.6% for the week, after setting record highs on Wednesday. The Dow Jones inched up 0.2% to 38,886.17 points but lagged behind its peers, posting only a 0.5% gain for the week.
Aftermarket Action: GameStop Soars, DocuSign Sinks
Post-close drama saw GameStop skyrocket about 26%, adding to its 47% surge during the session. Keith Gill, the man behind 2021’s meme stock madness, announced a rare livestream on YouTube, reigniting excitement. Last Sunday, Gill revealed he held about 5 million shares and 120,000 call options in GameStop, now valued at over $200 million.
On the flip side, DocuSign Inc (NASDAQ ) tumbled 6% as its second-quarter guidance disappointed, despite beating first-quarter earnings expectations.
So, while the stock market catches its breath, all eyes are on the horizon, awaiting the next move in this high-stakes financial chess game.


VCI Global Limited (NASDAQ: VCIG) (“VCI Global”, “VCIG”, or the “Company”), is proud to announce the launch of “Socializer”, a consumer version of military-grade secured messenger platform currently serving a European government and businesses. Socializer aims to protect data privacy and facilitate digital asset storage. This initiative, in collaboration with a Switzerland-based provider, includes the development of a secure digital asset wallet, extending robust security features to consumers worldwide.

Socializer stands out with its military-grade end-to-end encryption, ensuring that user communications and media remain private and secure. A highlight of the platform is its advanced facial recognition technology that instantly conceals chats with “private status” contacts when someone other than the user is looking at the phone, adding an extra layer of privacy.

In addition to secured messaging, Socializer offers comprehensive media management tools, including secure local file storage, editing tools for documents and photos, document signing, and a secure backup system. The platform also integrates a decentralized wallet, enabling users to store, swap, receive, and transfer multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies seamlessly and globally.

According to Allied Market Research, the messaging security market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.30%, reaching US$21.6 billion by 2032 from 2023. This growth is driven by the increasing complexity of cyber threats and regulatory compliance requirements. Additionally, the global crypto wallet market, valued at US$ 10.28 billion in 2023, is projected to exceed US$ 94.45 billion by 2033, with a CAGR of 24.83% from 2024 to 2033, as projected by Vision Research Reports. This growth is fueled by the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies, the rising awareness of blockchain technology and transaction volume, and the regulatory compliance changes.

Novo Nordisk is bracing for a showdown in China, where at least 15 generic versions of its blockbuster diabetes drug Ozempic and weight loss treatment Wegovy are brewing in local labs. As clinical trial records reveal, the race is on, and Novo’s Danish hopes for market domination face a formidable challenge.
Novo’s optimism stems from China’s burgeoning population of the overweight and obese, the largest in the world. With Ozempic gaining approval in 2021, sales in the region doubled to 4.8 billion Danish Krone ($698 million) last year. Wegovy is poised for approval this year, but the clock is ticking—semaglutide, the active ingredient in both drugs, loses patent protection in China come 2026. A legal battle over the patent could expedite this timeline, potentially making China the first major market where Novo loses its exclusivity.
Chinese drugmakers are circling like sharks, with 11 semaglutide candidates in the final stages of clinical trials. Karan Verma, a healthcare analyst at Clarivate, notes, “Ozempic has been a blockbuster in mainland China. With the patent expiry looming, Chinese firms are eager to carve out their share of the market.”
Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering is leading the charge, having developed a treatment claiming “similar clinical efficacy and safety” as Ozempic. They applied for approval in April but won’t commercialize until Novo’s patent expires, unless a court ruling accelerates the process.
Novo’s patent expiry in China precedes that in Japan, Europe, and the U.S., due to specific term extensions in those regions. The real kicker came from China’s patent office in 2022, ruling the patent invalid over experimental data issues—a decision Novo is fervently appealing.
China’s top court remains mum on when a verdict will drop. In the meantime, Novo’s spokesperson diplomatically states the company “welcomes healthy competition,” while sidestepping further questions.
Joining the generic gold rush are United Laboratories, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group, Huadong Medicine, and a subsidiary of Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group. CSPC expects to launch its semaglutide diabetes drug in 2026, setting the stage for a fierce market battle.
So, as Novo Nordisk eyes the Chinese market with anticipation and a hint of trepidation, it’s clear that the land of dragons is about to become a battleground for diabetes and weight loss treatments.

Investing on a Friday is like planning a weekend getaway—you’re either riding high on the thrill of anticipation or bracing for turbulence ahead. As the market bell tolls, traders become part-time fortune tellers, scanning charts like tea leaves and hoping their stock picks don’t turn into pumpkin futures by Monday. So, whether you’re doubling down on meme stocks or hedging your bets with blue chips, remember: Friday’s market close is a cliffhanger, and the real adventure begins when the opening bell rings again.