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Norwood Financial Corp. (Nasdaq:NWFL) is the bank holding company for Wayne Bank, which has locations in Northern Pennsylvania and New York. They offer various services for individuals and businesses. Currently, they operate 30 office branches and hold about USD 2 billion in assets. 

Comps: Orrstown Financial Services, Inc. (Nasdaq:ORRF), ACNB Corporation (Nasdaq:ACNB)

When we look at two other banking firms to compare, we see that Norwood Financial Corp. outpaces both in profit margin and return on equity. Moreover, their earnings per share, price to earnings ratio, and net income are stronger than Orrstown Financial Services despite not having the revenue. Overall, their net income is a larger portion of their revenue than either of these other two firms and their 3.4% yield is on par with Orrstown Financial Services and greater than ACNB Corporation.