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Nortech Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:NSYS) is a leading provider of full-service engineering and manufacturing solutions for complex electromedical and electromechanical products. They provide electronics manufacturing services for wire and cable assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies, and higher-level complete box build assemblies. As for markets served, they include industrial and commercial equipment, medical device, and aerospace & defense. 

Comps: Key Tronic Corporation (Nasdaq:KTCC), RF Industries, Ltd. (Nasdaq:RFIL)

In comparison, Nortech Systems Incorporated is superior across the board in relation to these other two industrial electrical equipment and parts manufacturers. To specify, they have the advantage over both when it comes to earnings per share, price to earnings, debt to equity, profit margin, return on equity, and revenue growth year-over-year. In addition, they rake in more revenue than RF industries. All this, despite having a market capitalization of USD 40 million.