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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:NTWK), Inc. is a software solutions and services provider primarily for the finance and leasing industry. Its software is used by businesses to manage its leasing and financing transactions, asset management, and contract processing. The company also provides IT consulting services to assist clients with system integration, custom application development, and business process engineering. NetSol Technologies’ expertise in the finance and leasing industry has grown its global presence and enabled it to establish long-term relationships with many of its clients, resulting in a high degree of customer loyalty.

Comps: Datasea Inc. (Nasdaq:DTSS), Aware, Inc. (Nasdaq:AWRE)

While all three companies had negative earnings, NetSol Technologies stood out in key areas when compared to its peers. For instance, it reported higher revenue than both Datasea and Aware. Furthermore, it exhibited better profit margins, return on equity, and net income than Datasea. These factors suggest that NetSol Technologies is operating more efficiently and effectively.