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The Dow Jones Industrial Average couldn’t catch a break, tumbling for the fourth day in a row like a clumsy acrobat on a high wire, with U.S. lawmakers engaged in an epic battle over the debt ceiling, making the possibility of a default feel more real than ever.

In the midst of this chaos, the Dow took a nosedive, shedding a whopping 255.59 points, or 0.77%, to reach a closing score of 32,799.92. Ouch! Not to be outdone, the S&P 500 joined the pity party, losing 0.73% and settling at 4,115.24. And let’s not forget about the Nasdaq Composite, which decided to play it cool by edging 0.61% lower, ending the day at 12,484.16.

Drowning in debt Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Some of the biggest movers:


Nvidia’s fiscal first-quarter earnings were a showstopper, leaving analysts speechless and Wall Street scratching their heads. With their data center business driving the numbers sky-high, it seems Nvidia is making the competition green with envy. While Nvidia’s stock price shoots for the stars, rival AMD is left to settle for the kiddie pool of gains, and poor Intel is feeling like it’s stuck in a downward spiral. Looks like Nvidia has turned the AI explosion into an explosive victory!

Escalade, Incorporated (Nasdaq:ESCA) is not just your average player in the sporting goods game. They’re pulling off some serious acrobatics in the manufacturing, distributing, importing, and selling arena. With their subsidiaries by their side, they’re taking the world by storm, one sporty item at a time. Sporting goods retailers, specialty dealers, online shops, department stores, and even mass merchants are all part of their winning strategy. They’re like the MVPs of distribution!

You know the drill, investing always comes with some level of risk, so make sure to do your research and consult with a financial advisor before making any big decisions. Remember, stay smart, stay informed, and stay invested!