Markets Close Strong on Monday as Dow Hits Record Highs, Fed Meeting and Key Economic Data Awaited

Markets Close Strong on Monday as Dow Hits Record Highs, Fed Meeting and Key Economic Data Awaited

Markets Close Strong on Monday as Dow Hits Record Highs, Fed Meeting and Key Economic Data Awaited

Monday saw the Dow closing on a high note, continuing its recent upward trend as investors eagerly awaited a pivotal week packed with market-moving events. The S&P 500 surged by 0.3%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared by 0.43%—a solid gain of 157 points—both hitting intraday highs. The tech-dominated Nasdaq Composite also joined the rally with a 0.20% climb.

The spotlight for the week shines on critical events such as the Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting, where the focus will be on whether rates remain steady within the range of 5.25% to 5.50%. Eyes are peeled for the Fed’s economic projections, inflation outlook, and hints regarding potential future cuts.

Amidst this, fresh consumer inflation data is anticipated, expected to reflect a continued easing of price pressures. The market eagerly awaits comments from Fed chair Jerome Powell, possibly providing insight into the divergence between market expectations and the Fed’s stance on rate adjustments.

Following recent economic indicators revealing slower job growth and the least significant annual increase in underlying prices in two years, markets are now pricing in a nearly 50% probability of a quarter-point rate cut as early as May, according to’s Fed Rate Monitor Tool.

In other news, Cigna’s move to acquire Humana, forming a $140 billion insurance giant, fell through due to disagreements on price and regulatory concerns, resulting in a dip in both companies’ share prices. On a different note, Macy’s witnessed a substantial 19% surge after receiving a $5.8 billion buyout offer, sparking a wave of enthusiasm in the department store retail space.

While big tech stocks experienced a downturn, semiconductor stocks, notably Globalfoundries Inc, Applied Materials Inc, and Broadcom Inc, soared, partly balancing the losses. In the energy sector, Occidental Petroleum’s $12 billion deal to acquire Crownrock exemplifies the ongoing consolidation trend, echoing Exxon Mobil’s earlier takeover of Pioneer Natural Resources.

Despite cautious trading in the oil market ahead of the Fed meeting, companies like Hess Corporation and Baker Hughes Co managed gains, showcasing resilience in a sluggish oil price environment.

Oracle’s Cloudy Forecast Sends Shares Tumbling: Q2 Results Disappoint Market Expectations

In a post-hours rollercoaster, Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) took a sharp 9% dive after releasing its Q2 results. The tech giant pointed fingers at a challenging economic backdrop and fierce cloud competition, denting the demand for its cloud services and denting their quarterly revenue.

Despite showcasing a 5% year-over-year revenue increase, tallying $12.9 billion, Oracle fell short of the anticipated $13.05 billion. Their EPS hit $1.34, barely edging past the anticipated $1.33 mark.

There were glimmers of hope within the cloud sector, with a commendable 12% boost in Cloud services and license support revenue, surging to $9.6 billion. However, the flip side showed a gloomy 18% downturn in cloud license and on-premise license revenues, stumbling to $1.2 billion. Looks like Oracle might need a new recipe to weather this cloudy storm.

EAWD & Landowners of Magdalena Contreras to Collaborate on Off-Grid Atmosphere Water Generation Address Water Scarcity

Energy and Water Development Corp (OTCQB:EAWD) (“EAWD” or the “Company”) today announced that in response to the pressing water crisis gripping Mexico City, on December 1, 2023, EAWD and several significant landowners of the Magdalena Contreras Municipality signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to formalize their commitment to join forces to initiate a groundbreaking project: the first Off-Grid Atmosphere Water Generation Plant on the American continent. The MOU lays out the groundwork for the development of this pioneering facility and this partnership marks a significant step in confronting the city’s water scarcity challenges, which have been exacerbated by disastrous rainfall patterns and historic lows in the reservoir levels of the Cutzamala system.

“The Off-Grid Atmosphere Water Generation Plant is set to revolutionize how we address water scarcity challenges,” said Irma Velazquez, CEO of EAWD. “In its initial phase, the plant is expected to produce approximately 3.2 millions of liters of water annually by extracting moisture directly from the air. This project represents a beacon of hope in the face of severe water scarcity and offers a sustainable, off-grid solution to ensure a reliable and sustainable source of clean water for Mexico City residents.”

The Off-Grid Atmosphere Water Generation Plant’s first phase is planned to span 5,000 square meters, with additional plans for a 30-hectare facility in subsequent phases, capable of producing millions more liters of water than the original plant. What makes this project even more remarkable is its complete energy self-sufficiency, drawing power from renewable sources to minimize environmental impact.

This collaborative effort demonstrates a commitment to innovative solutions as we grapple with the growing water scarcity challenges in Mexico City and around the world. With climate change intensifying droughts and depleting water resources, the Off-Grid Atmosphere Water Generation Plant is a beacon of hope for a sustainable water future.

EAWD and the landowners of Magdalena Contreras Municipality are proud to lead this pioneering project, which has the potential to offer a sustainable, off-grid solution to the water scarcity crisis.

For more information about EAWD, please visit the website at

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