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Happy Wednesday!

The Dow had a bit of a fumble after surrendering its gains on Tuesday. It seems the semiconductor stocks lost their cool, leaving investors to ponder the fate of the debt ceiling bill. You know, that pesky little thing that could lead to a default if Congress doesn’t act before June 5.

As for the S&P 500, it decided to play it safe and stay flat, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average took a 0.2% dip, dropping 50 points. But hey, the Nasdaq managed to defy the odds and rise by 0.3%.

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’ve got ourselves a debt-ceiling deal! President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy managed to come up with an agreement. Easy peasy, right? Well, not so fast. Now comes the real challenge: getting this thing through Congress without any hiccups.

After weeks of negotiations (and probably a few headaches), they’ve reached an “agreement in principle.” Note the emphasis on “in principle.” Translation: There’s still a long road ahead, my friends.

Today’s mission: shepherd the legislation through some powerful Republican-led House committees. It’s like running an obstacle course, but with politicians. If the bill manages to survive this political rodeo, it’s off to a full House vote. Cue the suspenseful music!

Some of the biggest movers:


Veritone, the savvy player in the AI arena, is making moves by acquiring Broadbean from CareerBuilder. They’re dishing out a cool $52 million in cash to bolster their AI-powered human resources solutions. It’s like a power-up for their talent acquisition game!

Broadbean, a snazzy software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, will be the secret sauce that expands Veritone’s HR solutions. They’re not stopping there, though. With their previous acquisition of PandoLogic in 2021, Veritone is building a powerhouse of HR awesomeness.

Once the deal is sealed, Broadbean and PandoLogic will join forces and be reborn as Veritone HR Solutions. Talk about a rebranding makeover!

Stock Analysis:

Coastal Financial Corporation, the proud parent of Coastal Community Bank, is making waves in the financial world. With branches in Washington and a knack for serving small to medium-sized businesses, professionals, and individuals, they are making their mark. Holding USD 3.14 billion in total assets across 14 branches, they’ve managed to net over USD 40 million. Impressive, isn’t it?.

Be smart. Be informed. And above all, be invested! After all, life is all about taking calculated risks, right? Now go forth, brave investor, and may the market gods smile upon your endeavors!