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Lincoln Educational Services Corporation (Nasdaq:LINC), through its subsidiaries, provides career-oriented post-secondary educational offerings. They offer a range of education and training services for professional skills, automobile repair, healthcare, and culinary arts. Competitively, their advantage lies in their flexibility and job-relevant curriculums and allowing access to a vast network of professionals.

Comps: American Public Education, Inc. (Nasdaq:APEI), Universal Technical Institute, Inc. (NYSE:UTI)

If we look in relation to these two education institutions, then we can see that Lincoln Educational Services Corporation displayed better earnings per share, price to earnings, profit margins, returns on equity, and debt to equity. Further, they outmatched Universal Technical institute in revenue growth year-over-year. Therefore, with their market capitalization of USD 200 million, their strong metrics, and a USD 317 million run rate presents a reasonable position for investors.