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Legacy Housing Corporation (Nasdaq:LEGH) builds, sells, and finances manufactured homes, tiny homes, and park and community housing in the United States. Their homes are designed to maximize square footage for the comfort of the homeowner. Further, their network of independent retailers has helped them become one of the leading producers of manufactured homes in the country.

Comps: Beazer Homes USA, Inc. (NYSE:BZH), FRP Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:FRPH)

It is important to note that while all three business are around USD 500 million in market capitalization, Legacy Housing Corporation and Beazer Homes USA are homebuilders, while FRP Holdings is a real estate service company. With this in mind, Legacy Housing Corporation displayed a superior debt to equity ratio, profit margin, and return on equity than both other firms. Furthermore, they recorded more robust earnings per share, price to earnings, revenue, and net income than FRP Holdings.