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Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:LSBK) operates as the holding company for Lake Shore Savings Bank. They call themselves a “true” local bank with 11 branch locations in Western New York serving both consumers and businesses. In a sentiment for investors, they are focused on maintaining an efficient expense profile, driving commercial loan portfolio growth, identifying and managing enterprise risk, and achieving prudent growth.

Comps: FFBW, Inc. (Nasdaq:FFBW), Catalyst Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:CLST)

In comparison to these other two regional banking operations, they display higher earnings per share, price to earnings, profitability, return on equity, and over double the outright revenue. Furthermore, they have the edge over Catalyst in terms of revenue growth year-over-year. Despite having very similar market capitalizations, Lake Shore Bancorp pulls in significantly more money, presents strong key statistics, and provides investors with a 5.67% yield allowing for both growth and income potential.