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Kamada Ltd. (Nasdaq:KMDA) is a vertically-integrated biopharma company operating in a niche market of plasma-derived protein therapies. Their key product, Glassia, is the only FDA-approved drug in its market; it is a treatment to prevent further damage from emphysema due to a protein deficiency. With a diverse portfolio of marketed products, a robust development pipeline and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, Kamada has the means to solidify their position in this expanding market.

Comps: UroGen Pharma Ltd. (Nasdaq:URGN), AC Immune SA (Nasdaq:ACIU)

If we compare Kamada to other therapeutic companies with similar market capitalizations, we see that they have the edge regarding earnings per share, profit margin, return on equity, and revenue. In addition, they showed higher quarterly revenue growth year-over-year than AC Immune. Certainly, their key metrics are strong now, but with their recent FDA approvals and 4 other proprietary drugs approved overseas, this stock has a high growth potential.