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Intevac, Inc. (Nasdaq:IVAC) designs and develops thin-film processing systems primarily in the United States and Asia. Currently, they are the world’s leading provider of hard disk drive (HDD) media processing systems. Moving forward, they look to continue the advancement of vacuum coating equipment and process technologies and to broaden their applications to protective coatings for the glass market.

Comps: Amtech Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:ASYS), ACM Research, Inc. (Nasdaq:ACMR)

When we compare, it is important to note that while Intevac and Amtech Systems are similar in market capitalization, ACM research is worth about 4 times their value. Now that we have qualified the comparison, Intevac exhibited lower price to earnings, debt to equity, and more profitability than both enterprises. Moreover, Intevac recorded higher earnings per share than ACM research, which has a market capitalization of almost USD 670 million.