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IBEX Limited (Nasdaq:IBEX) is a leading provider of end-to-end customer experience technology no matter the size or industry. They offer customer experience outsourcing, digital demand generation, customer experience management, and staff augmentation services for their clients. All in all, their services are designed to help protect client investment, mitigate financial & operational risk, and accelerate ROI. 

Comps: Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq:CNDT), Veritone, Inc. (Nasdaq:VERI)

It is important to point out that while in similar industries, Conduent Incorporated has a market capitalization near USD 1 billion, while IBEX Limited and Veritone sit at about USD 470 million and USD 330 million respectively. With that in mind, IBEX has a significant advantage over both in earnings per share, debt to equity, profitability, and return on equity. Additionally, they out earn Veritone in both revenue and net income.