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Horizon Technology Finance Corporation (Nasdaq:HRZN) is a specialty finance company that provides capital in the form of secured loans to venture capital-backed companies in the technology, life science, healthcare information and services, and sustainability industries. It has expertise in these sectors and close relationships with investors in these industries, providing a valuable network and access to potential clients. It also has a funding advantage over many of its competitors in the private debt markets due to its access to the capital markets as a publicly traded company.

Comps: PennantPark Investment Corporation (NYSE:PNNT), WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (Nasdaq:WHF)

Relative to its competitors, Horizon Technology Finance Corporation exhibits stronger fundamentals. Its earnings per share and price-to-earnings ratios outperform those of its peers. Additionally, the company’s profit margin, return on equity, and net income are superior to that of PennantPark Investment Corporation and WhiteHorse Finance. Although these metrics may not be considered remarkable on their own, they still exceed those of other business development companies. Furthermore, Horizon Technology Finance Corporation offers a generous yield of 10.9%.