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G. Willi-Food International Ltd. (Nasdaq:WILC) is a kosher food company that specializes in the import, production, and distribution of such products under multiple brands. Their business model involves sourcing raw materials from suppliers, which they have established strong relationships with, and producing and distributing their own products as well as other brands’. Essentially, the value comes in the leverage their have with suppliers, their logistics and distribution network, and marketing.

Comps: Village Super Market, Inc. (Nasdaq:VLGEA), HF Foods Group Inc. (Nasdaq:HFFG)

In comparison to both Village Super Market and HF Foods Group, G. Willi-Food International has more favorable debt to equity, profitability, and yield. If we look just in relation to Village Super Market, they have shown greater quarterly revenue growth year-over-year. Moreover, they possess better earnings per share and return on equity than HF Foods Group.