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First Community Corporation (Nasdaq:FCCO) operates as a trusted bank holding company, providing a diverse range of commercial and retail banking products and services to support the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses, professional concerns, and individuals alike. It has 23 locations mostly located in South Carolina, with a few in Georgia. As of December, it holds about USD 1.7 billion in total assets.

Comps: Richmond Mutual Bancorporation, Inc. (Nasdaq:RMBI), Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc. (Nasdaq:EBMT)

In comparison to other banks, First Community Corporation displays strong key metrics. To enumerate, it possesses better earnings per share, price to earnings, return on equity, and net income than Richmond Mutual Bancorporation and Eagle Bancorp Montana. Furthermore, its profit margin is also superior to Eagle Bancorp Montana. Overall, First Community Corporation has strong fundamentals and still offers a modest yield of 2.8% to investors.