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Escalade, Incorporated (Nasdaq:ESCA), together with its subsidiaries, manufactures, distributes, imports, and sells sporting goods in North America and internationally. The company then sells its products through sporting goods retailers, specialty dealers, online retailers, traditional department stores, and mass merchants. Overall, their growth effort if focused on driving innovation to expand products offerings and maintain high margins as well as targeting strategic partnerships and marketing initiatives.

Comps: American Outdoor Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq:AOUT), Clarus Corporation (Nasdaq:CLAR)

Before we compare the metrics, it is important to point out that Escalade has a market capitalization that is USD 30 million more than American Outdoor Brands’ and Clarus has a market capitalization that is USD 200 million more than Escalade’s. With that in mind, Escalade holds a higher earnings per share, profitability, and return on equity than either of the other apparel companies. Overall, they compete in crucial areas transcendent of size and offer a 4.75% yield to investors.