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ENGlobal Corporation (Nasdaq:ENG) provides full-service engineering and professional project execution solutions primarily to the energy sector. The value resides in the innovative, technologically integrated and cost-effective services focused on delivering key solutions to optimize processes, add values to businesses and deliver projects on time, on schedule and on budget. They have a wide range of services that cover engineering, procurement, project management, engineered modular systems, field services, fabrication, automation and integration services. In terms of customer pool, they deal with commercial enterprises as well as government services. 

Comps: Team, Inc. (NYSE:TISI), ToughBuilt Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:TBLT)

When we compare ENGlobal Corporation to Team and ToughBuilt Industries, they show better earnings per share and quarterly revenue growth year-over-year than both. Moreover, they beat Team in terms of return on equity. Additionally, their profit margins are higher than ToughBuilt.