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Eltek Ltd. (Nasdaq:ELTK) manufactures, markets, and sells printed circuit boards (PCBs) internationally. They are a leading PCB manufacturer for high reliability complex boards especially flex-rigid boards, complex rigids and sequential laminated PCBs. As for their market, they serve manufacturers of defense and aerospace, medical, industrial, telecom, and networking equipment, as well as contract electronic manufacturers and others.

Comps: SigmaTron International, Inc. (Nasdaq:SGMA), Senstar Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:SNT)

In relation to both, Eltek has the upper hand in earnings per share, price to earnings, profitability, return on equity, and revenue growth year over year by a substantial margin. Moreover, less of their shareholder equity is funded by debt than SigmaTron International. In addition, they also beat Senstar Technologies in outright revenue