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Duluth Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq:DLTH) sells casual wear, workwear, and accessories for both men and women under the Duluth Trading brand in the United States. Their brand is oriented toward working-class folk who like to be outside, use their hands, and get dirty. Evidently, this is a sustainable market because they pull in over USD 680 million per year.

Comps: J.Jill, Inc. (NYSE:JILL), Rocky Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq:RCKY)

Before we get into the metrics, it is important to mention that Duluth Holdings and Rocky Brands have overlapping target consumers, while J.Jill is another apparel company with a similar market capitalization. As for the fundamentals, Duluth has the edge on both when it comes to revenue. Additionally, the weight of their debt relative to their equity is less than Rocky Brands.