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As you may have noticed, digital screen real estate has continued to grow exponentially and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Daktronics, Inc. (Nasdaq:DAKT) is a company that designs, manufactures, markets, and sells electronic display systems and related products worldwide. They target five segments to operate in: Commercial, Live Events, High School Park and Recreation, Transportation, and International. In doing so, Daktronics became a world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and large-screen video displays.

Comps: IPG Photonics Corporation (Nasdaq: IPGP), FG Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE: FGH)

If we look to compare, Daktronics recorded a significantly higher enterprise value relative to market capitalization than either IPG Photonics or FG Group. Moreover, Daktronics brought in over USD 600 million last year despite being valued below USD 130 million. Simultaneously, IPG Photonics and FG Group were much closer to a one-to-one in that respect. In addition, Daktronics out earned FG Group on a per share basis.