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President Biden and congressional Republicans are playing a game that’s got investors in a state of constant jitters. We’re all anxiously counting down to the “X-date” on June 1, the day when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen predicts we’ll hit the default button. Brace yourselves, folks, it’s like watching a high-stakes game of chicken, but with money instead of cars. Who will blink first?

Some of the biggest movers:


In a groundbreaking development, PacWest Bancorp has recently made waves by reaching an agreement to sell its esteemed real-estate lending arm. The lucky buyer? None other than Roc360, a rising star in the financial industry. Although the exact price remains a well-guarded secret, the news is stirring up excitement among industry insiders. Check out our news page for the full scoop.

IBEX Limited (Nasdaq:IBEX) is a trailblazing company that stands at the forefront of end-to-end customer experience technology solutions. Regardless of the size or industry, IBEX is dedicated to empowering organizations with unparalleled services that transform their customer interactions. IBEX Limited is setting new benchmarks in the industry, elevating the customer experience landscape to new heights!

You know the drill, investing always comes with some level of risk, so make sure to do your research and consult with a financial advisor before making any big decisions. Remember, stay smart, stay informed, and stay invested!