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Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:CPSI) provides healthcare information technology solutions and services. Their software systems include patient management software that enables a hospital to identify a patient at various points in the healthcare delivery system, as well as to collect and maintain patient information throughout the process of patient care. Consequently, their system serving over 4,000 facilities has helped improve the sophistication level of healthcare delivered across the nation, including rural areas.

Comps: HealthStream, Inc. (Nasdaq:HSTM), Health Catalyst, Inc. (Nasdaq:HCAT)

Before we compare, it is important to note that HealthStream and Health Catalyst maintain market capitalizations that are larger than Computer and Programs Systems by more than USD 400 million. Now that we have established that, we can move on to gauging comparable metrics; Computer Programs and Systems carries greater earnings per share, profit margins, returns on equity, revenue, and revenue growth year-over-year than either of these two healthcare information system companies. Moreover, they also boast a smaller price to earnings ratio than HealthStream.