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CLPS Incorporation provides information technology (IT), consulting, and solutions to banking, insurance, and other financial institutions mostly in the People’s Republic of China, but also internationally. Moreover, they offer a full range of services in these sectors and have expanded into the wealth management, ecommerce, and automotive industries. Currently, they are a leading expert in both the development and implementation of core banking, credit card, online and e-commerce systems. 

Comps: Phunware, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHUN), Infosys Limited (NYSE: INFY)

If we compare CLPS to these companies, we find that they beat Phunware outright when looking at earnings per share, profit margin, return on equity, and debt to equity. Notably, Phunware is valued at more than 3 times that of CLPS. As for how CLPS stacks up against Infosys, they did manage to demonstrate a better price-to-earnings ratio. Therefore, when looking at these basic metrics, CLPS measured up well against a small-cap firm as well as a mega-cap firm, in Infosys.