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As you may know, the gambling industry is a gold mine and now that it is becoming more accepted across the country, there are greater opportunities for enterprises to provide these activities. Hence, Canterbury Park Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: CPHC), engages in horse racing, card casino, food and beverage, and real estate development businesses. Furthermore, they are pursuing a strategy to enhance shareholder value by developing approximately 140 acres around their racetrack into a mixed-use entertainment commons. 

Comps: Full House Resorts, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLL), Churchill Downs Incorporated (Nasdaq: CHDN)

While Churchill Downs Incorporated is one of the premier enterprises in this industry, Full House Resorts is closer to Canterbury Park Holding’s market capitalization. In comparison to both, they show better price-to-earnings, debt-to-equity, and revenue growth year over year. In addition, they also demonstrated higher earnings per share, profitability, return on equity and a more favorable debt ratio than that of Full House Resorts. Overall, these comparative metrics have contributed to their 35% surge in share value over the past 3 months.