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Bridgford Foods Corporation (Nasdaq:BRID) manufactures, markets, and distributes frozen, refrigerated, and snack food products both retail and food service in the United States. They provide approximately 130 frozen food products to food service customers through and 160 snack food items to supermarkets. Currently, they produce revenues of over USD 260 million and hold a net income of USD 45 million.

Comps: Local Bounti Corporation (NYSE:LOCL), Tattooed Chef, Inc. (Nasdaq:TTCF)

It is important to point out that all of these companies are food producers who sell their products to retailers and food service distributors, and are only separated by USD 30 million in market capitalization. As for key metrics, Bridgford Foods Corporation outperforms both companies in earnings per share, price to earnings, debt to equity, profit margins, returns on equity, and outright revenue. Ultimately, their strong metrics helped propel them to profit a net of about USD 45 million last year.