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President Biden and Speaker McCarthy have joined forces to strike a deal on raising the debt ceiling. It’s the kind of deal that nobody in Washington wants to admit liking, but with the looming threat of a government default, they had to swallow their pride. Now, the real challenge begins as they embark on the daunting task of convincing their respective party members to support it. With the clock ticking and Treasury Secretary Yellen warning of a cash crunch, it’s a high-stakes game of persuasion in the political arena.

Oil prices took a rollercoaster ride on Tuesday, flipping from gains to losses as the fear of more interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and concerns about slowing economic growth overshadowed the optimism surrounding the U.S. debt ceiling. Traders remained on edge, anxiously awaiting economic cues from China and keeping a close eye on manufacturing and service sector data to be released this week. With the uncertainty surrounding the global economy, crude markets struggled to find solid footing, leaving oil prices down for the year despite recent gains. It seems the oil market is navigating through a fog of economic uncertainties, hoping for clearer signals to guide its course.

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Some of the biggest movers:


As the financial world woke up on Tuesday, domestic equities decided to hit the snooze button and open lower. The BSE benchmark Sensex must have hit the mute button as it opened 86.52 points, or 0.14 per cent lower at 62,759.86. Not to be outdone, the broader NSE Nifty50 slipped 19.25 points, or 0.1 per cent, giving a groggy performance and opening at 18,579.40. It’s like the market is waiting for its morning coffee before jumping into action!

Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd.(Nasdaq: PME), is a leading player in the ocean fishing industry. Through its subsidiaries, Pingtan operates a diverse fleet of vessels, specializing in catching a wide variety of fish species. Their primary focus is serving customers in the People’s Republic of China, including distributors, restaurant owners, and exporters.

You know the drill, investing always comes with some level of risk, so make sure to do your research and consult with a financial advisor before making any big decisions. Remember, stay smart, stay informed, and stay invested!