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Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:BOTJ) is a Virginia-based bank holding company that provides retail and commercial banking services through its subsidiary, Bank of the James. With a strong focus on personalized and high-quality financial services, the company aims to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers while serving the communities in which it operates. Bank of the James currently operates through 25 offices and has a total asset value of USD 930 million.

Comps: First Reliance Bancshares, Inc. (OTCMKTS:FSRL), United Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:UBCP)

In comparison to other small banks with market capitalizations under USD 80 million, Bank of the James Financial Group outperformed, particularly in key areas such as earnings ratios. It has also shown better performance in return-on-equity, revenue, and net income. Moreover, its profit margin and 2.4% yield outperform First Reliance Bancshares.