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Amalgamated Financial Corp. (Nasdaq:AMAL) is a distinguished bank holding company that oversees the operations of Amalgamated Bank, a financial institution that caters to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. The bank stands out from its peers by prioritizing social responsibility in its operations, delivering financial solutions that align with customers’ values and contributing to community development initiatives. With five branch offices and a commercial office, the bank has amassed an impressive USD 7 billion in assets on its balance sheet.

Comps: TrustCo Bank Corp NY (Nasdaq:TRST), HBT Financial, Inc. (Nasdaq:HBT)

Amalgamated Financial Corp. stands out among other financial corporations due to its impressive return-on-equity, revenue, and net income. Its earnings per share and profit margin also surpass those of TrustCo Bank Corp NY. With a well-priced stock and competitive margins, Amalgamated Financial Corp. is a solid choice for investors seeking strong financial performance.