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Toshiba (OTC:TOSYY) saw its longstanding presence on the Tokyo exchange come to an end on Wednesday, marking a pivotal moment following a tumultuous decade marred by scandals and upheaval that ultimately led to the downfall of one of Japan’s prominent brands. The delisting comes as part of a buyout deal and ushers in an uncertain future for the conglomerate.

The company is being privatized by a consortium of investors spearheaded by private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), joined by financial services giant Orix (NYSE: IX), utility player Chubu Electric Power, and chipmaker Rohm.

This $14 billion takeover signifies a shift as Toshiba transitions into domestic hands, ending prolonged conflicts with overseas activist investors that had paralyzed the company renowned for its battery, chip, nuclear, and defense equipment production.

Toshiba’s shares closed at 4,590 yen on Tuesday, their final trading day, experiencing a marginal 0.1% decline from the preceding day.

The trajectory of Toshiba’s future under new ownership remains uncertain. However, Chief Executive Taro Shimada, retaining his position post-buyout, is anticipated to steer the company toward high-margin digital services.

JIP’s backing of Shimada thwarted an earlier plan that involved collaboration with a state-backed fund. Amid speculations, some industry insiders advocate for the possibility of splitting up Toshiba as a more viable option.