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Tech Sector’s AI-Fueled Rally Shows Signs of Slowing as Interest Rate Concerns Loom Over U.S. Stock Futures

Late Sunday trading saw minimal movement in U.S. stock futures following a period of record highs, signaling a potential slowdown in the tech sector’s AI-driven surge amidst concerns about sustained increases in interest rates.

Investors were still processing signals from the Federal Reserve indicating a reluctance to initiate interest rate reductions in the near future.

Initial enthusiasm over artificial intelligence, buoyed by NVIDIA Corporation’s outstanding performance, initially overshadowed these warnings. However, despite closing the week at historic peaks, major U.S. stock indices showed signs of deceleration in their upward trajectory.

S&P 500 Futures remained unchanged at 5,100.25 points, while Nasdaq 100 Futures stabilized at 17,985.25 points. Dow Jones Futures experienced a slight decline, reaching 39,177.0 points.

The market’s momentum was dampened by the anticipation of crucial inflation data scheduled for release this week, particularly the PCE price index, the Federal Reserve’s preferred gauge of inflation.

Given the recent record highs, U.S. stock markets appeared susceptible to profit-taking, particularly within the tech sector.

Last Friday, the S&P 500 achieved a new record closing high of 5,088.80 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 0.2% to 39,131.53 points, while the NASDAQ Composite slipped 0.3% to 15,996.82 points.

Investors largely discounted the possibility of rate cuts by the Fed in May and June, given mounting evidence of persistent inflationary pressures.

Looking ahead, market attention is also focused on the second reading of fourth-quarter gross domestic product data scheduled for Wednesday. While U.S. economic growth has outpaced that of other developed nations, recent quarters have seen a moderation in this growth.

As the fourth-quarter earnings season winds down, investors are eagerly awaiting reports from major retailers like Lowe’s Companies Inc, Macy’s Inc, TJX Companies Inc, and Best Buy Co Inc, which may provide insights into consumer spending trends.

In other news, Alcoa Corp made a $2.2 billion bid for its Australian counterpart and joint venture partner Alumina Ltd.

Automaker Ford Motor Company is under scrutiny after halting shipments of all 2024 model year F-150 Lightning trucks due to unspecified quality issues.

Market reactions are also expected following record-high earnings from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, which were disclosed over the weekend.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Faces Revenue Decline in Latest Quarter, Analysts Remain Cautious

Fresh Del Monte Produce experienced a challenging last quarter, reporting revenues of $1.00 billion, marking a 4.8% year-on-year decline and missing analyst expectations by 6.5%. This downturn reflected a slower period for the company, falling short of both revenue and earnings estimates as projected by analysts.

As the company approaches its upcoming earnings report, analysts anticipate further revenue contraction of 3.6% year-on-year to $1.00 billion for the current quarter. This represents a notable deceleration compared to the 2.2% revenue growth recorded in the same quarter last year, with adjusted earnings expected to reach $0.29 per share.

Despite these projections, the majority of analysts maintaining coverage on Fresh Del Monte Produce have reaffirmed their estimates in the past month, indicating a belief that the company will maintain its current trajectory leading into the earnings announcement. However, it’s worth noting that Fresh Del Monte Produce has missed Wall Street’s revenue estimates on four occasions within the last two years.

In assessing the performance of Fresh Del Monte Produce’s peers within the packaged food segment, recent Q4 earnings results offer insight into potential outcomes. Kellanova achieved a modest top-line growth of 0.3% year-on-year, surpassing analyst estimates by 3.1%, while Mondelez reported a robust 8.7% year-on-year revenue increase, slightly exceeding expectations by 0.2%. Market reactions to these results varied, with Kellanova trading up 2.1% and Mondelez experiencing a 3.1% decline.

Investors in the packaged food sector have exhibited a measured approach leading up to earnings announcements, with average stock performance showing a slight decline of 0.4% over the past month. In contrast, Fresh Del Monte Produce has experienced a more pronounced decline of 4.5% during the same period. Analysts currently hold a price target of $33 for the company, compared to its current share price of $23.92, suggesting a cautious sentiment prevailing in the market.

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