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SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:SSNT) is an IT services and solutions company that provides software and hardware solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Its offerings include accounting and business management software, cloud-based computing services, and managed network services. The company’s goal is to help its clients improve their operations and grow their businesses through technology.

Comps: T Stamp Inc. (Nasdaq:IDAI), Intellinetics, Inc. (NYSE:INLX)

Relative to other technology companies, SilverSun Technologies stands out in a few fundamentals. Firstly, its debt-to-equity ratio is more favorable than its peers, indicating a more stable financial position. Secondly, the company generated higher revenue, indicating better business performance. In addition, it outperformed T Stamp in terms of earnings per share, profit margin, return-on-equity, quarterly revenue growth year-over-year, and net income.